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GTT is an intramuscular needling technique that was pioneered by Dr Cynthia Gokavi. Dr Gokavi is an MD who is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. GTT has proven particularly effective in treating chronic pain as well as many other types of pain such as: sciatic pain, tennis elbow, back pain, whiplash, plantar fasciitis and sports injuries.

This technique involves the use of extremely fine acupuncture needles (much thinner than the hollow needle used to inject medicine or take blood samples). The insertion of the needle into a normal muscle is painless. If a muscle is shortened the needling can cause a discomfort when the muscle grasps the needle. This is followed by a feeling of relaxation as the muscle releases. Transverse needling (across the muscle) makes the technique safe, reliable and effective.

The result of needling is three fold including relaxation of the muscle, stimulation of the affected nerve and stimulation of the body’s natural healing process. All of these factors contribute to pain reduction.

If you have any of the following symptoms, consider GTT:

o Pain in the absence of ongoing tissue damage
o Delay in onset of pain after a precipitating injury
o Burning, searing, or continuous deep, aching pain
o Brief shooting or stabbing pains
o A mild stimulus causing extreme pain
o Loss of joint range of motion
o Pain caused by muscle shortening

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